RM800 Mobile Radio
Analog VHF/UHF Mobile Two-way Radios
RM800 Analog Mobile Two-way Radios

RELM RMV800A VHF and RMU800A UHF Mobile Radios offer the features and functions you want and need in a powerful, compact, state-of-the-art package. The result is an exceptionally versatile radio with cost-performance value unavailable elsewhere.

RM800A Analog Mobile Radios
Features, Options and Specs


RM5125/50 Analog VHF Mobile Radios

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RM800 Analog Mobile Two-way RadioRM800 Analog Mobile Two-way Radio
RM800 Analog Mobile Two-way RadioRM800 Analog Mobile Two-way Radio
RM800 Analog Mobile Two-way RadioRM800 Analog Mobile Two-way Radio


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512 channels with dynamic zoning, 256 programmable zones
136-174 MHz VHF or 450-512 MHz UHF
12.5/15KHz narrowband, 25/30 KHz wideband channel spacing, software controlled for each channel independently
Single zone scan, multiple zone scan and list zone scan
RF output - 50/15/5-watts VHF; 45/15/5-watts UHF, user selectable
5-watt internal speaker; 12-watt external speaker optional
Built-in 1200/2400bps MSK modem for data transmission
Scan add/delete, dual priority channel, nuisance channel delete, operator-selectable priority channel
Ignition-sensing power off
Time-out timer
Compact, lightweight, ready to install; optional remote-mount control head
Voice compander for exceptional audio quality and clarity
PC- and front-panel-programmable for easy customization
MDC 1200 Encode/Decode with emergency features
Two-Tone send and receive pager with four tone pairs per channel
Wireless cloning transfers information from mobiles automatically over the air
User-selectable CTCSS/CDCSS tone and digital code guard
FLASH technology enables future enhancements via software
Radio password and data password protected
Emergency siren, public address via external speaker


Frequency Range
136 - 174 MHz VHF
450 - 512 MHz UHF
Zone Capacity
Channel Spacing
25/30 and 12.5/15 KHz
Operating Voltage
13.6 VDC +/-15%
Receive Current Drain
< 2.0 A
Transmit Current Drain
< 8 A (25W), < 12 A (50W)
Operating Temperature
-30°C to +60°C
4.2 lbs.
Stability +/- 2 PPM
50 Ohm
Sensitivity (wide/narrow)
Selectivity (wide/narrow)
75/65 dB
Intermodulation (wide/narrow)
75/63 dB
Spurious Response Rejection
85 dB 80 dB
S/N (wide/narrow)
48/42 dB
RF Power Output
50/15/5 Watts VHF
45/15/5 Watts UHF
Spurious and Harmonics
-36 dBm <1 GHz
(25W VHF)
-33 dBm <1 GHz
(50W VHF)
-36 dBm <1 GHz
(25W UHF)
-28 dBm < 1GHz
(45W UHF)
Hum and Noise
48 (wide) 42 (narrow) dB
Audio Distortion
+/- 3 %







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